Automobile – for your personal vehicles not used in business


Homeowners for any personally owned and occupied residences


Tenants/Renters – for your personal property items in a residence you rent


Dwelling Fire – for any owned rental properties.


Valuable Articles – for any scheduled jewelry, furs, fine arts, etc.


Personal Umbrellas – for excess liability over and above underlying limits of your Auto and Home


Watercraft – for boats of all kinds, jet skis, etc. Other – for motorcycles, ATV’s, etc.;=IALK&iRefclickid;=LK33600&utm;_source=IALINK&utm;_campaign=IA33600&agentId;=33600

Personal Lines coverage such as auto and homeowners etc. are designed to protect you from many perils, but by no means are they one size fits all.  It’s important that you choose an agency that is willing to take the time needed to explore your needs and help design a comprehensive  policy that will protect you from any event that is insurable

As a new service we can provide you with the ability of getting your own quote and writing your own coverage with Plymouth Rock Assurance.